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Tilt and Shift

Evolving Digital Marketing and Strategy

Twenty years ago, native advertising in Buzzfeed did not exist. Ten years ago, there was no Instagram or Snapchat. Last year, live video barely integrated into the marketing mix.

Expectations of Seminar

Because digital marketing strategy constantly changes, it’s a challenge for most marketing and communications teams to keep up with new technology and innovating tactics.

Key Takeaways

I share best practices, key insights and operational methods to assist you with:

Understanding the benefits in adapting your digital strategy
Accommodating marketing budgets to keep up with changing marketing tech
How to create an “innovative” environment that leads to efficiency
Finding the right talent to carry out your digital marketing and/or strategy

Stunning Visuals

Attendees can expect visual representations, strong actionable items and heavy Q&A. The technical jargon and heavy powerpoint decks are left at the door.

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If you need the following:

Speaker on Digital Marketing

Commentator on social media or media management

Insights on the Filipino/Asian American Community

A friend to talk to

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