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Kim Jew Photography

Courtesy of Kim Jew Photography and Albuquerque Business First

Thanks to Albuquerque Business First for choosing me as a 2018 Diverse Business Leader. Here’s an excerpt from my speech at the event. I was really excited to have my son in the audience 🙂

Not only do I want to thank Albuquerque Business First, my family, team from Siarza Social Digital, and amazing group of friends and colleagues in the business community including my fellow DVRC board members, there’s one guy in particular that has experienced the sacrifice of being a business owner and leader with me – My son, Johnathan Siarza-Geissinger.

While walking through his school at North Star Elementary, I noticed his portrait of himself, that caught my attention. He used the brownest crayon in the crayola box to color his face. I laughed and said, “dude, isn’t there a lighter color you could have used?” Though he said no, it inspired me to write my special message to him today:

One day, the shade of brown that you have on your skin will be an afterthought to your hard work, humility and dedication in our community. People will recognize you for your leadership and your work ethic. No matter where you will go, work hard, play hard, that crayon color will be the least of your worries.

Thank you for this honor.

Here’s the article!